A Favorite Food Find…

It’s always a magical feeling when you discover a new food find right in your backyard. This past weekend we stumbled upon such a place, Cucina Enoteca was magic from the moment we stepped inside. From the Anthropologie inspired decor, to the miss-matched door knobs on each bathroom door, to the retro fabulous wire chairs. The details did not go unnoticed.


House-made seasonal liquor infusions such as {grapefruit/lemon/min/gin} or {pinapple/serrano chili/tequila} do not disappoint! Their pizza is neopolitan style crust, slightly blistered, slightly chewy, pure goodness.


We ordered a fabulous salad but what really got me excited was the cheese & meet board. If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I am somewhat cheese board obsessed. In fact I have had a post in the works for some time on how to create the perfect cheese board…but this experience just made me second guess it all. It truly felt like a piece of art, the way it was plated on a wooden “paddle”, and the different accoutrements that were included were mind blowing. To the point where we left not one single ounce of food on the board when we were done! I mean nothing!


I am already dreaming of my next visit here. I will definitely be making the cheese board more of a main event next time. Wow! Bravo to Cucina Enoteca!