Mom Monday {dance class!}

As promised here is my dance class update. We attended Piper’s very first dance class on Saturday and it was so amazing. She had absolutely no problem with my husband and I watching from outside, to my surprise. She has always been a little shy at first, and very attached to me. To watch her become more confident and independent is so great. She was so excited all morning leading up to the class, and as soon as we got to the studio, she kept asking me to change her into her ballet outfit. She was one of the youngest and most inexperienced of the class, yet she was not fazed by this at all! The entire class, she had a huge smile on her face. The teacher was so amazing with her, encouraging her, and keeping a special eye on her. The first half of the class was tap dancing, and the second half was ballet. She loved both, and the class was really geared towards young kids, with a fun and playful approach which worked great.


What I have found that has worked great with Piper, is really preparing her for new experiences and changes by talking to her about them days, sometimes weeks before. I begin by explaining the details, in this case, telling her the teacher’s name, explaining that we would watch from outside the classroom, that there would be tap and ballet etc. To give you an example of how great this is working, my shy, clingy daughter has turned into the girl that after dance class this weekend asked me “mommy, I go to school now?”! Tears! It’s so amazing watching her grow, become her own little person, and most of all having the time of her life. I am so grateful. I would LOVE to hear your stories of classes, or new experiences you are having with your little ones. Leave them in the comments below. Happy Mom Monday my friends! xoxo