Mom Monday {life changing food blog}

So I could not be more excited to share this latest food blog and magazine with you all. It’s called Bona Food, and I am completely addicted. ┬áBona Food has such an amazing approach to food, that I have already made 5 different recipes since discovering it last week, and I have tons more on my agenda. I think what works so well about their approach is that not only are they focused on making good, healthy, fabulous food, but the recipes are so quick and easy that it’s like “how can I NOT make this right now”. The recipes are presented in a simple, easy to read format. For example, there will be a list of ingredients off to the side of the photo, with an arrow to them saying “chop and mix all together in a food processor”. That’s it! Everything I have tried so far has been amazing and Piper adores all the food as well! If there is one thing you do today please take a look at this blog, and peruse the pretty pages of the online magazine. It’s seriously life changing!

I would love to know what you guys think and what recipes you try!! And may I say “Bravo!!” to Bona Food. I am a HUGE fan.

**UPDATE** the breakfast fruit and nut bars are amazing! wow wow wow!