Mom Monday {mommy & me classes}

Since Piper turned one we have been attending different mommy & me classes. It’s such a special time at this young age, and to be able to share in their learning and development is so fun. We tried swim classes at 18 months, which Piper was not a big fan of. We will probably revisit this next summer.

Most recently we tried gymnastics and Piper really seemed to thrive in this environment. It has some structure, and some free play and the kids are able to try different types of jumps, grab on to the rings, practice somersaults etc. It was a lot of fun.

We have been taking music classes with the Music Together program since Piper turned one. She adores the cd’s that come with the class, and really enjoys singing the songs…outside of class. In class she seems to become very observant and really absorbs everything that is going on around her. It’s fun to see her respond to different types of classes in different ways, and watch how her personality and likes and dislikes come through. I would LOVE to hear what types of classes you guys have tried! Has anyone tried My Gym or Gymboree?