Blogger Crush {Oh Happy Day}

I have a confession to make…I have a major crush on the blog Oh Happy Day. This has been going on for sometime now so I figured I better “come clean”. ; ) Jordan Ferney, the face behind the blog, could easily be crowned “queen of the diy” in my book. Her blog is filled with unique, completely fabulous and not too difficult diy projects making Oh Happy Day one of my favorite stops for party inspirations, diy projects, and just plain fun. Ok, I am done. Now what are you waiting for, get over there and let me know what your favorite project is. Thanks Jordan for constantly inspiring me!

All photos via Oh Happy Day.

Veggie Boats // Painting Books // Mini Ice Cream Cones // Tiny Tassels // Printed Lunch Bags // Geometric Lanterns

  • 100% agree and have the same crush! I have lots of blog crushes on lots of fab ladies (you included) but she is one of my faves.

  • A.

    I’m really disappointed that you’d call attention to her blog. So much has been made about Jordan’s contributions to anti-gay marriage campaigns in California that I’m surprised you’d risk alienating readers like myself who’ve unsubscribed from Oh Happy Day as a result.

    • Wiley Valentine

      Hello A,
      I have to admit this is my first angry comment/reader, so I was a little taken aback. I wanted to let you know, first that I am unaware of Jordan’s political views, and was really simply calling attention to her DIY projects, which I like very much. Please keep in mind, that when pointing out other’s work on my blog, I don’t, nor do I feel it necessary to, do background research on their political views, as in my opinion that is irrelevant. Pointing out another bloggers work, should by no means make anyone feel alienated, and I was a little confused by that. Hopefully you will reconsider, and come back to the friendly world of Wiley Valentine. Thanks for your honest comment. Hope to see you back here soon!