Behind the Scenes {Piper's party}

As promised, here is the start of the behind the scenes look at Piper’s birthday party, and how you can “Steal the look”.

I got the idea for these adorable wooden bead necklaces from here. This neon pink rope, available at most hardware stores, made the perfect string! I  ended up painting 2 coats of pink to make the pink more opaque, as well as a gold paint + sparkle gold. The necklaces were such a hit, that not only were the kids wearing them, but the adults were wearing them too!

The photo-booth was such a big hit, and I must say that it was largely due to the fabulous back drop from Drop it Modern. I filled a bucket with some silly props like boas, necklaces, funny glasses etc. Guests had such a great time posing for the camera and getting dressed up. If you can’t afford to get a professional back drop try hanging a piece of vintage fabric or fabric from a fabric store as a back drop. It’s such a fun activity for guests, children and adults alike!

Photography: Andrea Patricia Photography