A Farmers Market Picnic…

Well this weekend was huge for me. It was the first Food to Love workshop and it was a huge hit! (photos and details to come). I also had the most amazing mother’s day! We shopped as a family at our local farmers market…then we spread a blanket out in our backyard and had the most delicious picnic.

Since we just moved to this area, this was our first time at this farmers market. It was so fabulous! Fresh eggs, homemade breads, goat cheese, peanuts, organic fruits and veggies…yum!

Piper really seemed to enjoy it as well…especially all the samples! This is one of the things I was encouraging moms to do at Food to Love…make eating fun by teaching the kids where the food comes from. Make it an exciting adventure to go to the farmers market together!

Piper enjoyed the carrots & the fresh apple sauce I made.

Her favorite though were the organic whole wheat rolls with the garlic and onion goat cheese! I felt so blessed sitting in the sunshine with my family, eating healthy, local, organic foods. Enjoying the day together. We had such a great time we decided to make this a Sunday tradition. Shop the farmers market and then have a picnic with our food treasures! I hope all you mamas had a fabulous mother’s day. Happy Mom Monday! xoxo