Big Announcement! …Food to Love

Ok well for those of you that follow me on twitter, you have heard me mention an exciting new project yet to be revealed. Well it’s time for the big reveal…I am hosting the very first Food to Love workshop next weekend with more to come. The class filled up so fast, and so many fabulous sponsors were so generous and supportive, I was slightly overwhelmed. Remember when I mentioned the idea casually in this post? Well it has become a reality! The idea is to educate, listen and learn from each other while gaining the knowledge needed to be able to feed your family good, healthy, fabulous food. From struggles to triumphs, revelations to recipes, we will cover it. The amazing sponsors include Whole Foods, On to Baby, Scout Books, Wean Green, Good Seeds, The Stitch Farm and Wiley Valentine! More on them to follow…So much to share!

My house was a full on test kitchen this past weekend. Interested in learning more about Food to Love workshops? Drop me an email and I will be sure to keep you in the loop!