Mom Monday {truth about our food}

This is a topic I am very passionate about. Being aware of what is in the food you and your families eat is so crucial. I have made the choice to make all of Piper’s food, and feed her only organic as much as possible. This can often times be a difficult lifestyle choice as you are faced with others that don’t understand the reasons for making these choices. But after I watched this amazing Ted talk that Robyn O’Brien gave, it really inspired me to share more with you guys and hopefully inspire a few more people to make similar choices. Please please please take a few minutes today and watch this video.


Here are a few facts I learned from the talk…

I love my mom monday community so dearly, and I am so excited to hear your thoughts, and hopefully your stories of how you will share this information with your loved ones. As Robyn says “Knowledge is power”, let’s all do our part to make a difference. xoxo darlings!


Robyn has so graciously added the graphics I created above to her blog and guest blog posts! What an honor!!! Check them out here and here.