Mom Monday {DIY valentines}

So I have to be completely honest I think I may have been a tad ambitious in having a full crafternoon with my 19 month old. I was reading some blogs that were mentioning crafts for 18 month old children and I had a full fledged panic attack. Was I late at introducing crafts!? Well I figured I should get started right away, so I gathered a bunch of paper, glitter, rubber stamps, and stamp pads. I was going to make valentines with Piper. She liked it just fine at first.

But then I revealed the activity that involved fingerprint hearts, and once that ink was on her hands, it was a disaster. Pink ink was everywhere, and Piper is not a fan of getting her hands dirty. So suffice it to say I came out with 2 sets of fingerprint hearts, and I made the rest of the valentines myself during her nap. I had a great time, and I think this would be a great craft for kids just a bit older.

Here are the final results. I made 15 total valentines, and each one completely unique. I had made these fun photos of Piper in photoshop with little hearts, and happy valentines day messages. Aren’t her heart glasses the cutest things!? So anyway I think the recipients will love the valentines, and I truly think the fingerprint heart valentines would be the most perfect craft for you guys with your toddlers. I would LOVE to hear if you try this. And if anyone has suggestions of crafts for kids around Piper’s age I am all ears. Happy mom monday darlings! xoxo