Inspiring & Fashionable Moms

When I stumbled upon The Glow I was literally sucked in for hours. I had moments of inspiration, moments of tears, laughing out loud moments, and moments of “thank goodness it’s not just me”. When was the last time a blog did that for you? Ok so get over there…I will wait.

The Glow captures stylish, professional women being moms. The moments they have shared are so touching, beautiful and real.

Some of the things that makes this site so different from others is first the absolutely gorgeous photography by Kelly Stuart. But also the conversation style comments by the moms are so honest, so real and so touching. They share style tips and decorating sources, but they also share parenting challenges, and joys.

I love the way The Glow has shown professional women in a way we normally don’t see them, being silly, playing, and indulging in the joys of motherhood. Bravo!!