Mom Monday {rocking pool party}

When a friend of mine sent these photos over of her son’s second birthday I was blown away. Everything is completely DIY! The details that she created for this party are so amazing. See for yourself.

One of my favorite details are the “rockstar tutus” that Lauren made herself! In her own words:

“I ordered 6″ rolls of tulle online.  Cut to 18″ lengths.  Cut 1/2″ black elastic into 16″ lengths and stapled ends together to make waistband.  Took 2 pieces of tulle at a time (one black one turquoise) and just tied them in single knots all the way around the waistband.  Finished with a piece of zebra print ribbon to cover where the staple on the waistband is…They ended up costing $2/ea!”

How fun are the marshmallow microphones she made and the clever “rock” candy! There were swag bags, personalized water bottles, vip passes, piano bubbles…I mean seriously what kid wouldn’t love this party!

Lauren used Scapblog to create a lot of the personal elements including the water bottle labels, bubble labels and even the invitations! I loved that she even created infant swag bags for the two new babies that attended. These bags included tiny rockstar glasses and “i’m a rockstar” pacifiers! I hope this inspires all you mommies out there. I know it inspired me. Thanks for sharing Lauren!