Food Trends

I think so often the food at a wedding is overlooked. In my book this is a sin! There are very simple ways to update your menu and offer your guests something new and exciting. It’s very on trend, and responsible to have locally sourced, organic fresh food. This is a great way to ensure the freshest ingredients. Here are a few ingredients that are so of the moment!

Fresh herbs make a standard cocktail a fresh and unexpected choice. Try rosemary or basil infusions. Watermelon has become the star of the show recently. It pairs beautifully with a cheese like ricotta salata and mint to make a fresh and whimsical salad. Watermelon also makes a fabulous cocktail, using fresh watermelon juice pushed through a fine sieve.

Beets are available in a rainbow of colors and make such a pretty salad. These are a very popular ingredient right now. Bacon just keeps getting better and better. Try unusual preparations or even introducing it into dessert or cocktails! Hope this helps all the brides out there create their very own inspired menu! bon appetit! xoxo

photos sources {fresh herbs via Bay Flora; watermelon via What about Watermelon; beets via Kiss my Spatula; bacon curls via Not Martha}