Mom Monday {NSS a mom perspective}

The first of my Stationery Show coverage comes to you from a mom’s perspective. This was my first show as a mother, and with Piper in tow, I was challenged mentally, professionally, on all levels really. This was one of my hardest weeks as a working mom. I think what really got me through was meeting so many other working moms at the show that were feeling exactly what I was feeling, or dealing with some of the very same challenges I was. It was so comforting knowing that other moms do it, and they make it work, AND they all feel frazzled at times!

This trip was filled with firsts for Piper. One of which happened our first night in NYC at Otto, Mario Batali’s pizza place. Piper had her very first bites of bread, pizza and pasta filled with goat cheese! She ate with her hands, and seemed to have the time of her life! It was so much fun watching her enjoy herself like that. She really does seem to have a passion for food, just like her mommy and daddy!

Every morning began with me leaving the apartment in tears as Piper cried her little heart out and pointed at me. My heart broke every morning! But when she did make those fun appearances at our booth she had a blast! Also, she literally slept for a day and a half when we got back home. She was exhausted!!

Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing your stories with me, and most of all thanks for reading. I can’t tell you how much it made my heart sing when I would meet those of you that would say “I look forward to reading your Mom Monday posts on the blog!” I love you guys!!