Mom Monday {in the kitchen, baby edition}

I have had a lot of moms ask me lately for recipes I have been using for Piper…so here is my first “In the Kitchen with…” Baby Edition. This is one of Piper’s favorites, and as with all her food, it is super simple, and takes very little time to prepare. I prepare a big batch and keep some in the fridge and freeze some for later. The amount below will allow you to do this.

I have a ton more fun easy recipes I can share if you guys are interested? Let me know your thoughts. Happy baby food making! xoxo

  • Put more recipes on 🙂 It’s great you make your own baby food. Im keeping this one on file. thank you!

  • Hi! YES! I’m always looking for new recipes, too. Love the onion addition to the peas.. never thought of that. I’m thinking about moving onto other foods like chicken and turkey… exciting! 🙂

    Piper is adorable!!

    • Wiley Valentine

      ooh that is exciting! Thanks so much Mimi. When do we get to see pics of your little one!? xo

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