Mom Monday {purple baby shower}

I had the pleasure of throwing my dear friend a baby shower this past weekend (remember this bride!?). We had so much fun and I attempted quite a few DIY projects so I thought I would share the results.

I made tissue paper pom poms in various sizes and shades of purple. I absolutely LOVED the results and would definitely make these again. They were so easy and really added a fun element to the party. The glitter “Baby Girl” garland you may spy in the back, seemed a lot more headache than it was worth. But it was very cute. I used this DIY project as a guide via Lovely Indeed.

My favorite part of the shower was the craft bar. In lieu of shower games I had a craft bar. Each guest was invited to design their very own art board. I provided decorative papers and templates and the results were very beautiful. Since most of the guests were either moms or moms-to-be these were the perfect decoration for a nursery or child’s room.

I kept the food simple and it was actually a HUGE hit. I served 3 different types of tea sandwiches, similar to the ones I served at my Alice in Wonderland tea party. I also made a lamb cous cous salad and an asian cabbage salad with shitake mushrooms.

To finish it off I made a milk and cookies bar. Casey, the guest of honor, really wanted a milk and cookies bar at her wedding but it didn’t ever happen, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give her one.

There was fresh milk from old school glass bottles, drink flags that read “milk does a body good”, and a variety of fabulous home made cookies. Of course it helps that my dear friend is a recent culinary school grad and an aspiring pasty chef!! Hope you guys enjoy this inspiration, I really enjoyed getting crafty and creating a fun and creative party. I definitely would recommend doing some sort of craft as opposed to a game. The guests really enjoyed themselves!