Mom Monday {Norma Jean Valentine}

For those of you that may be new around here, Norma Jean Valentine is my grandmother, and the woman Wiley Valentine is named after. (Mary Wiley, Emily’s grandmother is other half of the namesake). Michael and I recently visited Florida and had the chance to introduce Grandma to Piper. It really was such a magical moment. To see my grandmother’s face light up was so amazing. It really reminded me how much we must treasure our family.


Watching Piper and my grandmother interacting was so much fun! Her smiles, her laughs, the simplest moments when she placed her hand on Grandma’s knee! I might have another tear just typing this.


I realize that this is a very personal moment I am sharing, but I hope this reminds you to treasure the times you have with your family. Especially your grandparents. Sharing them with your children is such a joy. I can’t wait until I can visit Grandma with my mother, 4 generations all together. What a time that would be!! xoxo