Mom Monday {Piper update}

I have to start by saying I was completely overwhelmed by everyone’s love and support last week with Piper’s accident. All your comments and sweet notes really meant so much to me. Many of you have asked for an update so I thought I would share this magical moment from our recent trip to Key West. We took Piper to a butterfly conservatory and to watch her smile and look on in amazement and wonder was priceless. butterflypiper

Watching her moving her little arms around as if she wanted to reach out and touch the butterflies was so adorable This was by far my favorite conservatory I have visited thus far. The butterflies were flying all around you, landing on you, it was as if you were transported to a magical land. And watching Piper enjoy this was so perfect. I really felt the importance of taking family trips, even if its somewhere close by, spending that family time together is so amazing.


Piper is doing amazing. She doesn’t even seem to notice her pink cast. She is back to smiling, laughing, and being her normal beautiful self. I really think it was a blessing that we had this trip planned at this time, because Piper is just completely immersed in mama and dada time. She really seems to be enjoying herself here! Again thank you guys for your love and support! It means the world to me! xoxo