Mom Monday {homemade baby food}

I am a HUGE believer in eating healthy, organic and local when possible. I also really believe in feeding children this way, I think it has huge impact on growth, health and overall wellbeing. That being said I am just recently introducing solid foods to Piper which has been fun, and of course challenging at times. What is not challenging is making her food. It’s easy, and less expensive then store bought baby food that often times can be filled with preservatives. I highly recommend trying this, even just with one type of food to see how easy it is. Then make your decision of store bought vs homemade.


When starting out our pediatrician recommended introducing one type of food for about 3 days to make sure she has no reactions or allergies to it. I just read on a mom blog that this mom introduced things like garlic and ginger the same way. So she would try peas for 3 days, then try garlic peas for 3 days. She said this really helped to expand her child’s palette. I absolutely love this idea and will be trying this next!! I highly recommend getting some sort of book to help guide you as to what foods to introduce when. My favorite is below. (photography by Ilva Beretta)


Here is my favorite baby food gear. However, NONE of this is really necessary. The greatest thing about making your own baby food is you can honestly just steam some carrots, mash them up in a blender or cuisinart, and serve! The above items are luxuries, so please don’t let them deter you from trying to make your own food if budget or availability are obstacles. {1} Beaba freezer trays are great. Simply make a bunch of portions of whatever foods you like, then freeze them. That way you keep feeding time simple, and fast. Just heat up the individual portions at meal time!  {2} again, NOT necessary but so fun, this Beaba babycook steams and purées the food all in one place. Super easy to use.  {3} Beaba soft spoons are not only super cute but the soft BPA free material is gentle on baby’s gums  {4} absolutely in LOVE with this book Organically Raised. The perfect guide for new moms wanting to make their own babyfood but it also is great for moms with young children that want to cook good healthy meals for the whole family!  {5} these waterproof bibs are a must, especially when you introduce that sippy cup!! Good luck!! I would love to hear about your baby food experiences!

Please note that I am by no means an expert and you should always consult your pediatrician before trying any sort of feeding and introduction of foods.