DIY Project {sparkle ornaments}

I recently needed a last minute ornament for an ornament exchange I attended, so I whipped up one of these at midnight the night before the party! It was so well received I figured I would share with you how to make one yourself. It is so easy, and the results are quite sparkle fabulous!


You will need: 1.a shot glass or  a bottle with a small opening  2.glue (preferrably Gem-Tac)  3.Small rhinestones (preferably swarvoski crystals)  4.toothpicks  5.ornaments that need some extra sparkle  Another tip that really helps you pick up the tiny little stones is if you put a small amount of glue on the end of a toothpick and allow it to dry completely. Then you can use the end with the dried glue to pick up the stones! It works great!


Step 1- Place your ornament on the opening of a shot glass or bottle, hook side down.  Step 2- Take the tiniest amount of glue on the end of a clean toothpick and make small tiny dots all the way around the ornament in alternating lines (this does not need to be exact so not to worry)  Step 3- Take your toothpick with the dried glue and pick up the stones one at a time. Very lightly press one into each dot of glue. Allow to dry and voila!


If you want to take this one step further, adorn each with a fun colored ribbon. Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and shapes of ornaments. Go dig up some old ornaments in your attic and give them a makeover. These make great handmade gifts! Good luck! Send me any pictures if you decide to make some! xoxo