Online Magazine Round Up

So even though I will be taking Thursday and Friday off to spend with my family for Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t leave you without anything to read! So here is part 1 of my very favorite online magazines for your viewing pleasure. This is the perfect way to spend your holiday weekend, maximum eye candy.


To begin my online magazine love list, is the new and fabulous Rue. This magazine is HUGE and packed with fabulous diy party ideas, interviews, interiors, gift guides and more. AND we were so excited to be contributors this issue. Make sure to check out the fabulous Wiley Valentine printables we designed exclusively for Rue! To continue the fun don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes videos of some of the fabulous shoots and see how they came to life! ┬áLove it girls!


The fabulous Creature Comforts Gifted magazine is chock full of DIY ideas, and fabulous gift ideas. A must read!


By Fryd has some of the most beautiful eye candy out there. SWOON!


Adore magazine is so beautifully designed, and packed with fabulous homes, gift guides and more. LOVE! Stay tuned tomorrow as I wrap up this online magazine round up. Happy reading my lovelies! xoxo