Mom Monday {hip baby gift guide}

To continue with the gift guides I have put together some gifts for the hip baby in your life!


{1} first and one of my favorites are baby legs. as you can see Piper really likes hers!  {2} pretty much anything from Blabla kids is amazing. I really wanting the rattles for Piper though. {3} Dwell Studio is making the most gorgeous wooden puzzles. Like this owl and tree one! So fabulous.  {4} Dwell Studio‘s new baby clothes are so adorable, this one even matches Piper’s crib sheets so of course its on the list!  {5} I am finding that Piper is way more into soft teething toys then those cold plastic ones, so this fabric book is perfect! {6} and lastly how gorgeous and what a chic gift would these rattles be? I have never seen anything like them before! LOVE! happy gifting! xoxo