Fairies, Cheese, and more!

I spotted this photo essay by Anna Williams over on the lovely Oh Joy yesterday and I could not contain my excitement!! It’s called a Princely Feast and its “part of an ongoing essay exploring hunger, consumption and beauty”. This entire shoot is a dream come true. Fabulous food, enchanted forests, fairies, sprites, and vibrant green moss, mushrooms, cheese, goats…oh my!!


Here is my favorite part “After the feast, still awaiting the judgement of the land, the witch and sprites danced. …and if you offer your gratitude before each meal, the end of our story will be revealed. For those who know how to listen.”


I adore the fairytale quality. I also think this would be the most amazing inspiration for a wedding! Oh I am day dreaming now of this! Sigh…thanks Joy for showing me this bit of inspiration. You can see the full project here.


These are a few more Anna Williams‘ images that I just completely LOVE! I had to share.