Mom Monday {food for thought}

As some of my tweeps might know I spend my mornings on my way into the office listening to TED talks. I recently listened to Jamie Oliver‘s talk and was so moved, and inspired to do something I had to share.


Jamie spoke a lot of about creating family traditions around food and eating in the home. Here are some ideas I had (some inspired by my own childhood). I think picnics are a fabulous tradition. I have such great memories of having family picnics as a child. We would shop for the food together, cook together, and then pick a special spot to enjoy our goodies. We also used to have a night a week where each person was the “chef” for the night. We could cook whatever we wanted, and I really got into it, making menus for everyone. I also think growing vegetables and herbs would create such a fun project for the family and definitely educate everyone about food. Lastly, I think farmers markets are such a fun thing, and a great way to support your local farmers. I really hope you will watch Jamie’s talk below and take some form of action in your life.

Please take a few minutes to watch Jamie’s powerful speech, it’s such an important message.

Jamie Oliver’s TED award speech

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