Mom Monday {plush toy round up}

Happy Mom Monday everyone! Piper is at that stage where she is starting to show interest in her stuffed animals. She definitely has her favorites which is so fun to watch. I am now feeling like I want to get her more fun plush toys to play with. Below is my round up of the best of the best…


{1} This Anne-Claire Petit grey monkey is such a chic take on the traditional sock monkey.   {2} There is nothing more classic and chic than a Petit Bateau stuffed animal right!?  {3} I love the idea of a DIY plush toy especially this Donna Wilson DIY set. The concept of creating your very own unique creature from these pre-cut shapes is so fun!  {4} Here is another diy kit for an adorable pink giraffe!  {5} these DIY mini owl kits are so fun.  {6} I love these Tiny Warbler grey and yellow elephants.  {6} and don’t forget these Dwell Studio plush toys. LOVE!


Lastly my very personal favorites. {8} Blabla Kids is in my opinion one of the very best. As you can see my little Piper loves her Verdi the Monkey (photo by Braedon photography) which is so soft by the way! I am really wanting Prudence the Owl, how cute is she?  {9} and my latest discovery Little Odd Forest. I am smitten with these owls and mushrooms. The colors are so perfect!! These are top of my wish list right now.