Round Up {coloring}

As a child one of my favorite activities was to color in those pattern coloring books. So it makes sense that I am completely smitten over this new coloring book inspired trend. Its so fun, adds a DIY element to really cool products, and is now inspiring my own work.


Starting off with these super chic coloring books. They certainly have come a long way since I was little, scribbling in my coloring book. From the top The Wonderful World of Fashion book is so fun and playful. Of course it doesn’t get any more chic than a Hermes coloring book right!? Wow! And these Rosie Flo coloring books are spot on. I would love to have a collection of these for myself!


I love the idea of having color-in wallpaper. This frames wallpaper by Graham & Brown is so adorable. What a fun thing to put in Piper‘s room! Hmmmm…And this Jon Burgerman wallpaper sold by nineteenseventythree via therefore design is gorgeous!


I love that this color-in trend is moving from paper to clothing! So fun. First up is this adorable child t-shirt set. What a fun gift for a child. Love it! And now for the trend to move couture, this color-in dress. Wow! What a clever idea. I would love to see this concept move to a table cloth perhaps at a bridal shower, that would then turn into a gift for the bride! Hope this inspires you to if nothing else, dig out those old coloring books! xoxo