Princess Piper

I apologize if this is baby overkill but I could not wait until Mom Monday to share these with you. The brilliant Braedon of Braedon Photography has once again captured one of my most precious moments. Photos of my princess baby Piper Marie. I hope you enjoy! He has really captured her perfectly.


These pictures on the bed that he captured of all of us are so precious! I can’t get over it!


My mother had this adorable picture of us when I was a baby wearing this darling pink terry cloth hoody and a bikini. The picture below it is me trying to recreate that same picture. Piper is wearing my clothes, isn’t that so precious!? My mother has kept a lot of my baby clothes and brought me some that would fit Piper right now. See that adorable peach outfit above? It’s so funny because that style is so in right now, see the outfit on the right, a new outfit.


The way Braedon works is so amazing. He was so good with little Piper, and I love that he uses all these different old cameras, and FILM! Brilliant! Thank you so much Braedon!