Absinthe Inspired {the green fairy}

I mean of course how can you not want to know more about something referred to as “the Green Fairy”? There is something intriguing about Absinthe not only because of its fun fairy name but because of the controversy that surrounds this strong alcoholic liquid. Is it legal? Is the Absinthe you buy in the US actually Absinthe…and so forth. But who knew that this naughty elixer would be a treasure trove of inspiring imagery!?


I love the top image, featuring the plants and herbs contained in Absinthe. The Roquette label is so fabulous, as are the rest of the labels via the Virtual Absinthe Museum.


These gorgeous vintage ads and posters are so great! I am really wanting some of these framed on my wall. You can buy them at All Posters.com.


And finally, who knew the invoices would so gorgeous! I am seriously so in love with all of this ephemera I am thinking of creating an entire line of products inspired by these…stay tuned!