Mom Monday {Striped Pajamas}

I am beyond excited to share with you these gorgeous pictures Braedon sent over of his little boy’s 1st birthday party. There is something magical about a child’s first birthday and I really thought Braedon said it beautifully “Having a baby is an amazing thing and we get to celebrate with people in our lives and his, the first year of his life. Great reason to celebrate!” I thought this was a great real party to share with you on this Mom Monday. Being a mom myself now I have to admit that I am already compiling ideas for Piper’s first birthday…is that bad? Anyway here are the pictures from Declan’s darling striped pajamas party designed by the very talented Society Picnic.


Guests were asked to wear stripes in honor of Declan, as he spent most of his first year of life in striped pajamas. I love this idea! The colorful stripes provided such a fun theme visually, and the guests participation really added to the overall look. How fun! I also love the “I heart Declan” pins! Such a great favor. The wall of Declan photos was so great, especially since his daddy is the photographer!


Of course what party is complete without sweets from my fav Sweet and Saucy!? Cake pops and mini cupcakes anyone?


Whisky spiked sno-cones! How fun! The perfect addition to naughty food, no? Hope this will inspire all you moms and moms-to-be for your parties. A child’s birthday party is such a fun event to get creative with. Thanks so much Braedon for sharing these gorgeous pictures from Declans birthday party! Fabulous job on the styling Society Picnic!