Naughty Food – Adults Only

I am really loving this trend of taking foods we loved as kids and making them just a bit naughty. I am thinking these would be a huge hit at a wedding, bachelorette party or shower. I am dying to try some of these!


I have long had this obsession with making a Guinness milkshake. I really am going to need to try this recipe. Who wouldn’t want chardonnay spiked cupcakes from Enjoy cupcakes? I love that they do cupcake and wine pairings! Do you have a dealer…a grilled cheese dealer that is! This is Bread.Butter.Cheese. Just text the number and let him know what you want. Then your grilled cheese is delivered in an unmarked brown bag. Brilliant! I have been seeing these beer pops a lot around the blogs lately and I had to include them in the line up. Here’s a DIY version of these beer pops.


These Absinthe gummi bears served on a spoon along side an espresso is pretty brilliant if you ask me! Who needs jello shots when you can have boozy gummi bears! Bloody mary meatballs sound fabulous! And while we are still in the midst of summer who can resist a Salty Dog popsicle. The perfect to cocktail to serve guests at an outdoor event!