It's a Girl!

Hello my lovelies! It’s Rachelle. As many of you know I had a baby recently. During my leave we have had fantastic guest bloggers as well as up to date happenings and inspirations from our very own lovely Lauren. Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of the blog in my absence! For those of you who don’t know the reason for my absence…


I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Piper Marie, on June 11 which was actually her due date! She is the most adorable little person and as you might imagine I am smitten! Motherhood is absolutely amazing and also amazingly challenging. For those of you interested in my birth story, I gave birth to Piper at Beach Cities Midwifery. We were able to have a water birth, and I used Hypnobabies which was key to having a natural childbirth. I can’t say enough about Vickie Alston, my amazing midwife, and Carole Thorpe, my amazing doula. Above are some photos of Piper in her first weeks of life. As you can see I LOVE to take pictures of her. If I am not nursing or changing diapers, (or watching Bethenny Getting Married), I am taking pictures of my little princess. I will be sharing pictures of her from time to time. I hope you enjoy sneaking a peak into this very new and exciting part of my life! xoxo