Beach'n it Inspiration

Summer is the best time to go to the beach; here are a few of my favorite things for the beach or just for summer-time fun!  I love the super cute bag below!  Also, summer would not be official without margaritas and guacamole–see Martha’s website for more great recipes for your summertime beach parties!

Beach.11. Photo of Newport Back Bay, lauren hanson; 2. Sailor Tote Bag by bayanhippo, via Hip Hostess; Beer Boat from Pottery Barn; 4. photo of Martha Stewart’s Perfect Margarita with recipe above on 3. the WV new recipe cards; 5. guacamole photo from Hip Hostess as well, 6. Sea Shells Imprintable by WV.

Beach.27. Strawberry Photo from katy elliott, 8. Shell Menu by WV, 9. Shell Imprintable by WV; 10. photo of Doheny State Beach, lauren hanson.