Meet the WV Team {Kristin}

Today I would like you to introduce you Kristin, aka Lovie (among other things, see below). If you have ever called our studio chances are you spoke with Kristin. She is the bright cheery voice that helps direct traffic, customer service, and well just about everything which is why we call her Chaos Control!


Here is Kristin in her own words:

lovie1What inspires me? My family, every minute of every day!

Harold Glenn Dusty Baker — my sweet husband of almost 22 years! A true southern gentleman who left his “old Kentucky home” to spend his life with this California girl! A really, really good friend to those lucky enough to call him one!

Clayton {19} and Andy {17} … the light of my life! My greatest work! They bless me every day and probably wish I would give them a little more breathing room! That magical gift of motherhood… times 2!

What gets me moving every day?

These 3 … long story, never knew I was such a dog person! Maxwood, Moose and Oreo!

About me and my favorite things …

Home: Newport Beach, California

Alma Mater: University of Southern California

Decorating Vibe : Seashells & nautical … especially anchors .. & pineapples!

Bloom: Peonies and roses from my yard

Drink: Diet Coke and Rombauer Chardonnay (not together)

Destination: Maui or London

Season: Summer

TV Show: Modern Family

Addiction: Google Reader

Blog: Wiley Valentine and The Pioneer Woman

Book: The Help

Magazine: Coastal Living

Color: Orange

Scent: Bobbi Brown Beach

Trait: Humility and Joy

Quote : Be Nice Or Leave

It is a wonderful life … family and friends to love and grow old with! So lucky!

I am thankful everyday for an amazing place to spend my days, with the oh so talented and hysterical girls of Wiley Valentine.

Time flies so fast … don’t blink! xo