Meet the WV Team {Emily}

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to the other faces behind Wiley Valentine. Of course the obvious beginning is Emily, the other half of Wiley Valentine. She is more of a behind the scenes kind of gal, but she is making an appearance today on the blog. I am so excited for you to learn more about her. Below is a picture of Emily and I (she’s the blonde) as well as some of the fun names we call her around the office. As you will see we all have a ton of nicknames!


In her own words here is Emily:



I am many things but most of all I am: an advocate of anything that has breath, the mother to the most amazing dog in the world…if you could even call him a dog, a gardener with the compulsive need to get my fingernails dirty, and the wife to the most caring, thoughtful man.


This last year I have transformed into a gardener. The first thing I think about when I wake up is what the night has developed in my garden. My dad had a wildly successful green thumb. Everything growing that he touched flourished. I love developing a part of me that was his natural gift. I know he’d be proud of my broccoli.

I saw this potting bench on the A Lovely Morning blog and had to make it…which I now have reconstructed in my backyard. I love the use of flea market pieces to make something spectacular!

I have a new love for chickens. I want them SO badly…but sadly Jarvis, our boxer, only wants them for dinner. If I were to have a chicken coop it would most certainly be this one.


I have mountains of zucchinis growing in my garden right now….i saw this recipe using the blossoms and was intrigued to make it at home.

I also grow quite a few varieties of tomatoes. Going to the yard for fresh ripe tomatoes is one of my favorite parts of summer. Photos via {from top left Cannelle et Vanille; peach and nectarine salad via At home At home; fresh tomatoes via Canelle et Vanille; and these amazing terrariums via Terrain.}


I love other people’s trash. Nothing thrills me more than taking a ratty old chair and turning into something beautiful. This is my mother in me. We’d be driving to school in the morning and my mom would swerve to the curb to get some piece of furniture out of someone’s trash…I was often confused, then to find that same piece of furniture beautifully redone and perfectly placed somewhere in our house. photos above via { top two photos from one of my favorites, Anthropologie; old chairs via the fabulous Found vintage Rentals;  more fabulousness via Anthropologie; vintage chairs and bottles via Found vintage Rentals}


There is something to be said for that time in our countries history when the “art of the cocktail “was prevalent in society….when vodka was considered less than appealing especially when gin or scotch was available. My husband and I love trying new cocktail recipes. St~Germain is a must in our house. {home bar photo via Lonny Mag}


There are only two things that make me cry in movies, children being harmed and most of all animals being harmed. There is a massive war scene and soldiers are being blown to bits and I’m sobbing over the horse that topples over. I cant help it. I love animals. Everything about them is precious. I think animals are the closest thing to angels that God gives us. They’re capable of a perfect friendship…they’re always selfless, always happy to see you, would do anything to protect you. A person can beat the crap out of an animal and they’ll still love them. They’re beyond amazing. We can only hope we’re a fraction of the friend our animals are to us. Sharon Montrose is the most amazing animal photographer. She somehow perfectly captures the innocents of these amazing creatures. Jarvis is our dog as well as the man of the office. He’s a boxer that we rescued about 7 years ago. My heart melts for those jowls.