Guest Post: Jesi Haack {Snow Cone Cocktail}

I am thrilled to bring you the fabulous Jesi Haack today as our guest blogger. If you are not familiar with Jesi’s work I suggest you head right over to her blog and website, you will be instantly inspired!


Today Jesi is sharing with us a fabulous DIY Snow Cone Cocktail bar. I absolutely LOVE this idea! And in her own words, here is Jesi.

You want to be creative. You want your event to be remembered. You want your guests to have a blast. So you offer them a “signature drink”. It can be a “party-rita” or a “marry-tini”, or even an “I Do on the rocks”. All of these are fabulous party starters. And guests will definitely get a kick out of them.


But I ALWAYS like to kick it up a notch. How about a Sno-cone Cocktail Bar? I put this one together to show you. We found some vintage bottles that we filled with liquor. We matched those same bottles for the flavored syrup. We crafted some fun cones with bright colored paper. We also used mini galvanized pails as a second option. Add a fun bartender in the mix and you have more than a signature drink. You have entertainment! Define Your Style.


Stay tuned tomorrow for another fabulous DIY idea from Jesi.