Guest Post: Parcel Post {Wedding Lounge}

Audrey from Urbanic + Parcel Post is back with another great look at her fabulous boutique. This time she shows us how the Bridal Lounge works!


{photos by Bonnie Tsang}

At Urbanic we treat our brides like queens – and why shouldn’t we?! We’re delighted we get to be part of such a special day in their lives, and want to give them the utmost special treatment when choosing wedding invitations. We believe every part of the wedding planning process should be fun and memorable, so we created a comfy design parlor in the back of the shop where we work all of our weddings by appointment. Our goal is to make it a special experience for the bride and groom. We seat them on a throne of pillows, offer them fancy drinks and let the design process begin.

In the course of our meeting, we start out with a quick interview to get to know the couple a bit, and discuss wedding details and preference in personal style. After that we explore, colors, layouts, patterns and typography. Eventually we come up with the perfect set of stationery that is reflective of the unique relationship of the couple in a mood that captures their wedding day.


{photos by Stephani Williams}

Once the invitations have been printed and picked up at the shop, we send the couple a little gift box full of all kinds of treats and treasures wishing them a big congrats on their wedding day and thanking them for choosing Urbanic for their invitations.

Ironically, as I am sitting here typing this, one of our brides just came and picked up her invitation set. She was so excited her hands were shaking, and she gave me the biggest warmest hug before leaving the shop. Because of moments like these, I genuinely love what we do here.