Guest Post: Flourish, Bitch + Wine Party

The fabulous Courtney Pooler of Flourish hair and makeup artistry is back with another sassy post! So clever, and so fun!

All I want to do lately is Bitch and Wine. Literally. Get together with the girls, drink a little vino, and talk to your heart’s content! For the bride who’s a little feisty, or for a different direction on all the frills and chills of your typical bridal shower, trade it in for thrills and skills of the perfectly crafted event for your twirly girlies!
Suggestion: Pick the theme and carry it throughout…the invitations set the mood and anticipation for the event, make sure it’s consistent with the theme and look of your party! For this event, I would suggest using the back label of the Bitch Grenache Wine as inspiration. It’s your party, you can ‘wine’ if you want to!

Photos above via {bitch wine; gorgeous pink and black inspiration board via Ruffled; pink cupcake from Sweet and Saucy; pink and black candy bar; wiley valentine Southern Splendor letterpress invitation}
Not to shun the idea of a pretty-pretty party, we can’t be too bitchy, we’ll do it in a pink theme! And yes, you can even wear your best pearls…


photos via {dress in the forest via Clayton Austin; smoking pink martinis via Veil Tales; pink cocktails; pretty pink place setting; sparkle drink tags; the essential blush} This blush is a must have! For women who are a little bit older, it takes YEARS off of your face, it just makes your skin brighten! For you lucky younger ladies, it gives you a joyful, fresh, natural glow, and in either case, it’s a sure thing!