Foods I am dreaming of…

Ok so maybe I am a little distracted by the foods I cannot eat right now. BUT here goes. These are totally the first things I want to eat after I have the baby.


Oysters via Not without Salt! Yes please! And cheese! Soft, unpasturized yummy kinds of cheese. Cowgirl Creamery is one of my absolute favorite cheese sources!


A nice hot steaming cup of coffee. Wouldn’t hurt to have it topped with the most adorable mini doughnut! Or topped with an Almond Pizzelle. A dirty martini…bring it on. I can’t get over how perfectly beautiful this martini bar is by Sunday Suppers. Love the cucumber garnishes… And of course sushi. Not the cheap kind, but the super fancy, creative, fabulous kind. Like this from Nick San in Cabo. (best sushi I have ever had!)