NYC Eats part 1

Here is the beginning of the stationery show adventures of Wiley Valentine this year. Although super sad I was unable travel this year, as you are about to see, the rest of the Wiley Valentine team did me proud!


Above is the fabulous DBGB Kitchen and Bar which quickly became a new favorite among the office. The decor is so unique and amazing as you can see from the photos above (photos via DBGB website). The shelves surrounding the dining room are stocked with the kitchen’s own tools. On the top shelf are gorgeous copper pots donated by world renowned chefs and complete with a little plaque next to each one a la museum style. How cool is that?! I also couldn’t help taking photos of the business cards Kristin brought back for me. There are 3 different business cards, all with a unique logo, but tied all together with a common color palette. So clever! I am so wanting to do that for our business cards!


Above are Kristin’s photos of the dinner. She even documented this fabulous vintage cookware wallpaper that dons the walls in the bathroom! What a trooper she is! I just love that wallpaper. So unique. I also absolutely LOVE the food quotes that covered the windows. So brilliant! Stay tuned for more NYC coverage tomorrow!