Dream Sequence

This group of pics evokes a dream like escape. I am so loving this vibe right now!


From the top {1.This shot by Janne Peters is so cozy! LOVE It!; 2. there is something so irresistible about Roberts Rose water packaging. I just want to stock every bathroom in the house with this, and maybe give away mini bottles as favors; 3. and this crochet flower via Fryd e-zine…gorgeous!}


From the top  {1. This enchanted cottage on a lake is definitely something out of a dream world. How perfect is that circular deck. Totally in love with that place. Photos via Janne Peters; 2. I am smitten with this fairy tale mushroom room styled by the amazing Irina Graewe; 3. How I wish I had this room of pillows and silhouettes or this room filled with gorgeous vintage wire chairs! Also by Irina Graewe.} Sweet dreams!