Living the Dream

Every once in while I come across an inspiring story such as this and I hope it will help inspire all of you to live your dreams.


I first learned of Belle Chevre from Dwell Studio’s blog (my current baby fabric obsession). Tasia Malakasis worked for years in the corporate world when she discovered a fabulous goat cheese that was made in her home state of Alabama. She went back home to visit the creamery and learn about the process of making the goat cheese. She fell in love with it so much she convinced the owner at the time to let her become the next generation of Belle Chevre and she bought the business! She is now a full time cheese maker. If I wasn’t already living my dream job this would be it for me. I think I may have been a cheese maker in a former life or something! I just love that Tasia followed her heart and her passion and left her job in the corporate world to become a cheese maker. Bravo Tasia!!