Veggie Grill Love

Last week we had a Veggie Grill office lunch and I am even more in love with that place than before if that’s even possible! It was so great because I was the only one in the office who had tried it before and I think we have some serious new Veggie Grill followers. We had the Baja Fiesta salad and the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’, with dairy free Carrot Cake for dessert. Everything is completely vegetarian but you may never know it the food is so spectactular.


I started thinking this would make the perfect Bridal Shower Luncheon food. How fun and easy!? A few more things to try if you are going to check it out…the steamin’ kale is to die for, the lemonade and iced teas are amazing, and don’t forget the sweetheart fries (sweet potato). This is hands down one my favorite local spots to grab lunch! Let me know if any of you newbies try it out.