Blog it Forward…What inspires me personally

I am so excited to be a part of this exciting and amazing group of bloggers for the Blog It Forward project. Created by Victoria of sfgirlbybay, Blog it Forward is almost a chain letter via blog between 300 bloggers! We are all sharing what inspires us personally. The lovely Wild Magnolia handed it off to me…and I am excited to send you to Wishfulthinking.


I thought this would be a great opportunity to get a little more personal and share with you what is constantly inspiring me…Let’s begin with Norma Jean Valentine, my very creative very fabulous Grandmother whom my business is named after. I am very inspired by fashion and what is constantly happening in that industry. I love how it affects all things even stationery trends! Butterflies and fairies are a constant theme in my designs, I adore whimsy and magical things. Magazines are a huge thing for me, I am a guilty collector of magazines, that I (slowly) transfer to collage books that I keep as inspiration books. They are great to flip through when we are getting ready to add to our line. I adore food, especially cheese. If I am feeling a little mental block coming on it’s nothing a little cheese or even a strawberry milkshake can’t fix!


I love taking long walks outdoors. The outdoors and traveling are fabulous sources of inspiration for me. Even if its simply to clear my head and refocus. I adore all things pink! Alice in Wonderland has been inspiring me since I was a little girl, and still is today. Lastly I would have to say my friends and family. They are always so supportive and its amazing how great it can be to bounce ideas off of people outside of the industry. I hope this gives you a little insight into my inspirations. Don’t forget to check out Wishfulthinking to see what is inspiring her! Thanks! Cheers to Blog it Forward!