A Mad Tea Party

I have been so excited to share with you the results of my “Mad Tea Party” I hosted this weekend. It was a small group of close friends and we sipped tea and ate tea sandwiches. But there really was something magical about having a tea party. It was so much fun, I cannot wait to have another!


I propped the table with vintage mix and match tea cups along side vintage Alice in Wonderland books. I made drink me tags for each person that attached to their tea cup. Each person was named after the character they most resembled. That was really fun!


I served store bought macarons and pastries and spent my time making homemade tea sandwiches. The tea sandwiches, though very simple in ingredient list, are quite spectacular I must say! Each guest received a “Guide to Wonderland” packet that included their movie ticket, a tea menu, and a tiny “open me” envelope. Inside the envelope I tucked little mini cards adorned with Alice graphics and Alice quotes. There is so much imagery to pull from that I had a blast including all sorts of Alice in Wonderland subtleties.


The strawberry macarons were a big hit. As was one of the guests’ Mad Hatter hat! The teas I bought were from Teavana and were completely brilliant. If you are looking for unusual teas I highly recommend Teavana. After the tea party we all went to see the movie, which was fabulous I must say! I think this is such a great theme for a bridal or even baby shower!

  • what a spectacular party! looks like a ton of fun!

  • Great post….now I’m really hungry. I love your details!

  • oh this is too cute. as usual, love the stationary always always!

  • Joshua Tree

    The tea party was lovely, and I am very grateful to be a part of such a magical experience. Where is the Dourmouse, Alice, and the White Rabbit?

  • Ohmigosh that is awesome! Such fun, what lucky friends!

  • The books are a great touch – first editions?

  • This is so AWESOME!! Love it!!

  • betsy

    can i ask where you got all the artwork? I love the detail on the cups and teapot! (alice too!)

    really, excellent work!

  • Ximena

    This is sooo lovely!!AWESOME i must say!! where did you find the “alice in wonderland” images?? Im very interested!!. Congratulations, I believe your tea party was a hit.

  • Great idea to put the Alice in Wonderland book on the tables. The teacups are elegant.

  • Rosalind


    Is it possible to order some of those Mad Tea Party invitations you have on here?

    I am hosting a Mad Tea Party soon and love your invitations!

    • Wiley Valentine

      Sure Rosalind! I will email you now.

  • Great stuff here! I’m throwing a MH tea party next month so stumbled upon your site while looking for ideas. Your sandwiches are slightly different than some of the ones I’ve seen (which is great) so maybe I’ll go with one of those. I like that one of your guests wore a hat! I put on my invite that guests should do that so let’s see what happens. 🙂 Cheers and thanks for sharing this.


  • Some really great ideas! I’m helping organise a MH Tea Party in a couple of months and this will really help! Thank you! x x

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  • Nic

    Hi There,

    I love this fabulous party!

    I was wondering if you sell the invitation set?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Wiley Valentine

      Thanks for your kind words Nic. We do offer the invitation set. I will drop you an email! – Rachelle

  • Nic

    Hi There,

    I love this fabulous party!

    I was wondering if you sell the invitation set?

    Thanks 🙂