Airstream Magic

Grand Daddy Hotel, located in Cape Town, is so imaginative and amazing I was completely inspired just looking at the website. The design is gorgeous and I simply adore how it looks from the outside, not to mention what lies in store inside.


But the real magic can be found on the roof of the hotel. There you will find the Airstream penthouse park, complete with 7 completely uniquely designed airstreams. The airstreams were all designed by local artisans and they were really given freedom with their imagination.


Obviously I love the “Love of Lace” pink trailer, but really these are all so amazing. I am secretly hoping someone has their wedding here. You can have small events of up to 65 people. How fun would that be!? Brilliant! Love this concept.


I have always had a love for Airstreams, but this has really taken it to a whole new level…swoon! All photos via Grand Daddy website.