Real Wedding {Cailen + Sean}

This wedding is truly out of a fairy tale, fairy princess and all. This was shot by one of my all time favorite photographers, the lovely Punam Bean, and I was completely smitten with these photos. The couple is drop dead gorgeous, and they were in some fabulous chateau in France, everything was in Punam’s own words “magical”.


I just absolutely adore the enchanted, whimsical feel that this wedding has. And of course Punam has captured the magic of the day perfectly.


I mean seriously, can you stand it! Those fabulous drapes, the majestic quality of the chateau and the princess bride! Pure gorgeousness!


I absolutely adore the rustic quality of the antlers on the wall in contrast to the elegance and beauty of the chateau…hint hint Mom, this is totally inspiration for your new place! The neutral color palette is really appealing to me lately and happens to be an upcoming trend with a lot of my brides. Hope you are as inspired as I am by this magnificent wedding. I certainly will be daydreaming of princess crowns and french chateaus today! Thanks Punam Bean!