Hot off the Press : Marie Antoinette

This was a really fun job that ended up being a real exploration in papers and print methods. I worked with the brilliant Rebecca over at Duet Weddings,┬áher bride chose the Marie Antoinette suite as her invitation. She was really wanting to use a dark paper and with her chosen color palette I suggested we use a beet paper and letterpress print on it. We used silver + black inks and the silver created a beautiful contrast against the dark beet colored paper. We then paired the letterpress invite with flat printed beet envelopes and we used a beautiful pearlescent paper for the rsvp and ceremony card. The shimmers and the dark papers created such a unique look and really transformed this invitation into an entirely different feel. It’s amazing what choosing different papers, ink colors and printing methods will do.


Thanks Rebecca, it was so fun working with you. Knowing your talented work I cannot wait to see the results of this wedding!!