Daily Poetics inspired

I have been a fan of the daily poetics blog for some time now but I just stumpled upon Kariann Hager-Burlson’s  work via cre8tivegirl and instantly fell in love. Kariann is the genius behind daily poetics and her  boxes of ephemera and curiosities are so amazing, I could peruse these photos for hours!


I love how each box is so completely different and you have to really study the photo to discover all that the box is holding.


I would absolutely LOVE to recreate this feel for someone’s wedding invitations. Having each guest receive a cigar box holding what appears to be vintage ephemera but what in actuality is something we have created that is very personal to the couple. The box invite would tell a story through all the little items. Any takers?


After looking through these fabulous works of art, I decided to pull my own cigar box from the shelf that holds bits of vintage ephemera as well, vintage fortune telling book, old postcards, stamps etc. I find little boxes of goodies offer an instant bit of inspiration and obviously so does Kariann! Thanks Kariann for your incredibly inspiring work!