Sustainable Wedding Dresses

I first fell in love with the work of Lindee of Puridee when we met at the Soi Meme event a while back. Her work is absolutely gorgeous and I just LOVE her company vision. I will just start by stating the obvious, her dresses are stunning. I absolutely adore their ethereal quality and some of them even have a slight fairy land quality which, as you may know by now, is my absolute favorite!! The draping and beautiful shapes of her dresses make them both unique and utterly gorgeous for a wedding gown.


Other than the obvious I also fell in love with Puridee because of its practice of using only sustainable and natural fibers (ie. no chemicals or synthetics) and all the silks are made from Peace Silk ┬ámeaning they are in an organic environment and allow for the life-cycle of the silk worm to carry on as it emerges as a moth, unlike conventional silk. The peace silk is also called Ahisma which has ancient Indian origins for meaning “without violence”. The colors are formed by a hand-intensive process done either in the US or in rural India through a direct women-to-women chain of micro businesses. WOW!┬áDon’t forget the philanthropy aspect of her company which donates 7% of all sales to Central City Community Outreach, which helps provide a safe haven with education, mentoring and love.


Check out Lindee’s clever styles that double as two dresses, one long and one short. Perfect for the bride that wants a ceremony dress and a more fun party dress for the reception. Brilliant!! I hope you guys enjoy and for all your brides out their, these dresses are a must see.