Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that I am all rested and newly inspired (just finished watching Julie and Julia last night) I have a ton of new and exciting things to share with you in the coming year. After watching Julie and Julia I was inspired to explore some of the recipes in my new Ad Hoc cookbook, as food is my other love, next to paper. But overall I was left with the renewed feeling that if you put your mind to it, you really can accomplish anything. Yes it requires passion, heart, and LOTS of hard work, but it is all possible. I am excited to start the new year with this refreshing and inspiring feeling. In relation to my love of food is also my love for the art of the cocktail (or mocktail, I make a great mocktail!). St Germain sent their annual happy new year gift and here are the results.


I absolutely adore St Germain in cocktails but you cannot deny that their design is impeccable. I mean seriously check out this Eiffel Tower Chapeau! So cute. Looking for a great signature cocktail for your party or wedding? Try my personal favorite, St. Germain margaritas, use the St. Germain in place of the Triple Sec. Cheers to being inspired and accomplishing whatever it is you set your mind to!